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Investing in mortgage notes through a self-directed IRA is one of the best ways for individuals to generate high investment returns, minimize taxes, and enjoy effortless passive income to fuel the lifestyle they desire in retirement.

Whether you are already retired, plan to retire as soon as you hit 50, or are ready to put your income on autopilot in your 20s to experience freedom and life like few have ever had the privilege, mortgage note investing is for you.

And you’ve arrived at the best place to invest in the most profitable notes to achieve your financial and lifestyle objectives.

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What Investing in Notes with an IRA Can Do for You:

  • Boost investment returns
  • Achieve high yields
  • Enjoy ongoing, truly passive income
  • Secure the best value investments available today
  • Protect your nest egg with concrete security
  • Minimize and eliminate taxes on your investment returns
  • Add double-digit, compounding returns to your portfolio
  • Enable retirement and freedom without compromising lifestyle

Self-Directed IRA Investing

Investing through a self-directed IRA can help you:

  • Maximize net returns
  • Enjoy tax deferred or tax-free returns
  • Benefit from superior compounding returns
  • Secure additional protection for your nest egg

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We have small notes, jumbo notes, residential mortgage notes, multifamily and other types of commercial mortgage notes, high yield first lien and second mortgage notes, non-performing loan notes, and even deeply discounted REOs.

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