Get quick answers to the most common questions here in our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.  If you still have questions just contact us through our contact page.

Do I have to have an IRA to invest with you?

No. We can help you buy high returning notes using your cash or other leverage, or we can connect you to a self-directed IRA expert if you’d like to enjoy the benefits they offer.

What if I have a 401k, but not an IRA?

No problem. If you’d like to take more control of your investments and enjoy higher returns with the maximum tax benefits we can connect you with the best experts in setting up a new self-directed IRA, or rolling over your 401k into an IRA.

What if I want to invest in properties, but not notes?

We can help you with investing in non-performing mortgage notes which are ripe to be foreclosed on an underlying property to be repossessed at deep discounts, as well as connecting you with great deals on REOs, and undervalued properties for renting or rehabbing.

Why are mortgage notes your preferred form of investing?

There are many advantages of investing in mortgage notes today. This includes being backed by brick and mortar security, deep discounts which offer value, rising values, high yields, consistent cash flow, and ease of investing.

What types of notes can you help me invest in?

We are able to help you with investing in first and 2nd mortgage notes, single family loan notes, commercial, multifamily, and construction loan notes and nonperforming mortgage loan notes.

Where are the notes you have located?

We can help you with finding mortgage notes to invest in anywhere in the United States.

Where can I get more information about investing in notes, and IRA investing?

Check out our complimentary course on investing in mortgage notes for a great overview of this strategy, how to choose the right notes for your financial and lifestyle objectives and where to find more resources, and maximize the opportunities for the best net gains.